BGIS 2023: The questions and answers, regarding all basic doubts

Hello, my dear bgmi players. Excited for BGIS 2023, But sill have too many quarries related to this event?

If yes, then hold a little and scroll the article. Here we just shortlisted some common questions related to BGIS. And hopefully this will help you to find out the answers of the questions related to BGIS roaming around your mind

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS 2023) Frequently asked questions

When BGIS 2023 will start?

10’th August 2023.

What is the minimum age limit for BGIS?

18 year is the minimum age for the players registering in BGIS

Which devices are allowed in BGIS 2023?

Only mobile devices are allowed in BGIS. As it is the mobile only tournament, usage of tables and emulators are strictly prohibited here.

Can anybody use triggers or controllers while playing BGIS?

According to BGIS official management ” triggers/controllers or any other add-on device are strictly prohibited. Teams/players will be disqualified if they found using additional devices “.

Can anybody register multiple teams for BGIS?

No, one can only play for a single team in BGIS. If they do multiple registrations then will get disqualified.

I don’t have a team. Can I participate in BGIS?

Unfortunately you can’t. Minimum 4 player and maximum 6 player.

What are the basic criterion for perticipation in BGIS?

In order to perticipate in BGIS players needed to be an Indian Citizen. An I’d above 25 level and platinum tire

How to play the tournament matches in BGIS?

Room I’d and password will be sent to the players. Players can join the lobby by entering them.

Who are the defending champions of BGIS?

Skylights Gaming. Saumraj, Pukar, Gamlaboy

Total prize pool of BGIS 2023?

2crore INR.

BGIS 2023 last registration date?

9’th August 2023.

Govt issued I’d proof required for BGIS?


BGIS associated with which game?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Full form of BGIS?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series.

PMPL & BGIS same?

No, one is related to PUBG MOBILE, another one is related to BGMI

Hydra playing BGIS?

Yes, May be.

How to watch BGIS for free?

Go to Krafton eSports India channel on YouTube and watch BGIS for free.

What will happen if any team using cheats in BGIS?

The team will be disqualified directly.

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