Battlegrounds Mobile India : BGMI unban news, Krafton official reply on unban

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The popular battle royale title in India is set to unban soon. Now once again there is a news around the media outlets. In this article we will discuss these viral BGMI unban news which is roaming around.

bgmi unban news

Accoding to some popular Indian news outlets, govt. has taken a decision to unblock the app in India. But these time it will be for a limited interval of times (3-months). Not only that, If these rumors are true then there will be some special conditions on the makers. And developers of this game must have to impliment these changes in the game.

Some new key changes:

  1. There  will be a new time restriction.
  2. Change in colour of blood.
  3.  New server maintainance &  fix server issue.

New time restriction:

Now onwards players will not be able to play this game for 24/7 . There will be a new fixed playing hour (7-8 hrs.). No one will be able to play above this time period.

Change in colour of blood

Now onwards players will not be able to change the colour of the blood. There will be a default colour of blood in the game. All players have to use this default colour.

Internal game server changes.

Govt. ordered the company to make necessary changes in their game servers. The game got ban due to its data sharing concerns with china. Now govt. will monitor the data and servers and will make future decisions. So for now company must have to prove there is no isssue in server. And the game have no direct links with china.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Update

As the news outlet claims the ban is removed from game. So, the update also release very soon. Players are playing same 2.1 update from past 6 months. And this time it is a relief for all their players. Now finally they will get their  most awaited update in this game very soon. 

Players will be able to download BGMI update directly from Google play store. Players can also download BGMI easily from our website by clicking on download button. The download button is provided below.

bgmi apk download

Battlegrounds Mobile India

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