INDUS BATTLE ROYALE Latest APK Download link, Official Release date & time

Indus Battle Royale APK begins rolling out, players are buzzing with excitement at the new features lined up for the coming days. This newly launched game is a key attraction for all action & adventure type game lovers. The new concepts & features like maps, characters & weapons are not far behind in generating hype among fans. Most importantly new animations & graphics attracting both new and old gamers together, towards this new battle royale title.

indus battle royale apk download

About Indus Battle Royale Game

Indus Battle Royale is a battle royale game developed in India. Supergaming the India based publisher announced this game on 26’th January 2023. The game conept is on a futuristic action packed batle royal title. Like other battle royale game here also the last man or team standing will be the winner. It’s a fun, action-packed multiplayer game. In this game people from all over the world will fight to survive and win the game.

The name of this game inspired by “Indus Valley civilization“. A topic that a majority of Indians studied in their history books but it was not discussed in detail. It continues to be a mystery for many and the developers want to take a closer look at the setting. 

The Indus game shows a hypothetical world. Where the Indus Valley civilization was not destroyed. Instead, it was so advanced that it moved to a different galaxy and it continued to evolve. Which is why the game name is ‘Indus.’

How to download Indus Game

Indus Battle Royale or Indus game is available for mobile, tablet as well as for desktop also. The game will run smoothly on Android, IOs & Windows. Once you download this game in your device and install it, you will be able to play this game with your squad.

To download this just visit the official application store available on your device. Be it playstore for Android users, App store for IOS & microsoft store for windows. Then type “INDUS BATTLE ROYALE” in the search bar and proceed the search. After that you will get this on the search result screen easily.

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How to download Indus Battle Royale easily from Google

If you facing problem while downloading Indus Game from your device’s app store, or want to download it easily from Google search. Then follow the list of some simple easy steps, given below:

  1. Go to & type “MR x SOUVIK”.
  2. Now click on the website showing on top in the search result.
  3. Now scroll down or search for “INDUS GAME” and click on download button.
  4. Then you will get the APK file’s download option for “Indus Battle Royale”.
  5. Now download the APK file on your device and install it.
  6. After completion of installation process yo will be able to play the game smoothly on your device.


Just click on the download buton below to redirect, directly to the download page for “Indus Battle Royale”.

Requirements & Permissions

Indus game requires some basic features and permissions to run smoothly on supported devices. So, before downloading, you must need to take a quick look at the requirements given below:

  1. A mobile, tablet or laptop, desktop with either Android, IOS or Windows as an operating system.
  2. Enough storage space for saving game files & data.
  3. Working cellular data or WIFI for internet connection.
  4. A minimum 4 GB ram for smooth performance.
  5. Any valid social media account for saving your in game progresses.
  6. Permission to access in your files & media.
  7. Permission to save your name, date of birth from your account etc.

New Features in Indus game

  1. Newly designed animated gun skins.
  2. New advanture gameplay with an immense battle royale experience in new map.
  3. A new Indian accent in battle royale game.
  4. All new characters with attractive costumes.
  5. New unique avatars with unique emotes.

Indus Battle Royale Release date

One of the most awaited “INDUS BATTLE ROYALE RELEASE DATE” is still not confirmed officially. Currently, the game is in a closed beta test. Only selected persons have special access to play this game. The development of this game is still not properly completed. But according to some news outlets & media reports, the release date may be in the second quarter of 2024. Currently you can pre-register the game to claim some bonus rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is Indus?

Indus is a made in India battle royale game for all game lovers. It is developed and published by “Supergaming” (An Indian game development company).

What can I play Indus on?

Indus can be playable on PC, mobiles, as well as consoles.

Do I have to pay, to play Indus Battle Royale?

No. Indus is a free-to-play game. You won’t need to pay to play it.

What type of guns can be use in Indus?

Like mostly available guns in various other battle royale games will be available in Indus game.

Is Indus Battle Royale Indian game?

Yes, it is a made in India game.


This article is a complete guide for all those who want to know about “Indus Battle Royale“, the newly launched Indian-developed battle royale title. We have also included the exact download link in this article. This article will clear all your doubts and queries related to the game Indus Battle Royale. If you still have any questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to comment below. Our support team will reply to you within a few seconds of you typing your queries.

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